Do you moisten a cigar before smoking?


Discover the art of smoking cigars, focusing on whether or not you should moisten a cigar before smoking. Learn the dos and don’ts to enhance your cigar smoking experience.

Do you moisten a cigar before smoking?


Cigar smoking is an art, a sophisticated ritual that requires a certain level of knowledge and skill to get the most enjoyment out of it. One question often posed by beginners and even experienced smokers is: Do you moisten a cigar before smoking? This article aims to answer this question, in addition to offering tips and guidelines to enhance your cigar smoking experience.

  • The Art of Smoking Cigars
  • To Moisten or Not to Moisten?
  • Tips for a Perfect Smoke
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

The Art of Smoking Cigars

Smoking a cigar is so much more than just lighting it up and taking a puff. It is a ritual filled with tradition and sophistication. The selection of the right cigar, the careful preparation, and the actual smoking all add up to an experience that is savored by connoisseurs worldwide.

To Moisten or Not to Moisten?

So here comes the question, should you moisten a cigar before smoking? The answer is a resounding no. Moistening the wrapper can lead to uneven burning and can even damage the cigar. According to experts on the most commonly smoked cigars, it’s recommended to store your cigars in a humidor, which maintains a perfect balance of humidity to keep your cigars in prime condition.

Tips for a Perfect Smoke

Proper Storage

As mentioned above, proper storage is critical. A humidor keeps your cigars at the right humidity level, preventing them from becoming too dry or too moist.

Correct Lighting

Lighting a cigar is an art in itself. Rotate the cigar while lighting and avoid using lighters with a strong odor, which can affect the cigar’s flavor.

Proper Puffing

Don’t inhale the smoke. Instead, draw it into your mouth, taste it, and then exhale it. This is how you appreciate the complex flavors of a popular cigar.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these common mistakes to enhance your cigar smoking experience:
– Don’t cut the cigar too far down – it can make the cigar unravel.
– Avoid smoking too fast – this can overheat the cigar and ruin its taste.


Can you revive a dried out cigar?

Yes, using a humidor can help revive a dried out cigar.

How often should you puff a cigar?

Ideally, you should puff a cigar every minute or so.


In the world of cigars, patience is a virtue. Savor each moment, from selecting the perfect cigar to the actual smoking. Remember, do not moisten your cigar before smoking. Instead, store it properly, light it correctly, and puff it patiently for the best experience. With these tips and guidelines, you can truly appreciate the art of cigar smoking.

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