What are the skinny cigars called?


Explore the world of skinny cigars, their unique characteristics, and why they are a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts.

What are the Skinny Cigars Called?


Have you ever found yourself in a cigar shop, gazing at the array of options before you and wondering, “What are those slender, elegant cigars called?” You’re not alone. This article is tailored to answer your question and offer a comprehensive guide to understanding the world of skinny cigars.

  • An Overview of Skinny Cigars
  • Types of Skinny Cigars
  • Why Choose Skinny Cigars
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

An Overview of Skinny Cigars

Skinny cigars, synonymous with elegance and sophistication, are a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts. These slender cigars are often referred to as Cigarillos, Panatelas, or small cigars, depending on their size and characteristics. They offer a quick, satisfying smoke and are perfect for those moments when you don’t have the luxury of time.

Types of Skinny Cigars


Often regarded as the smallest in the cigar family, cigarillos are similar in size to cigarettes but offer a unique, rich tobacco experience. They are quick to smoke, making them an ideal choice for a short break or a casual puff.


A notch larger than cigarillos, Panatelas provide a longer smoke. They are great for those who desire a more extended smoking experience without committing to a full-sized cigar. Panatelas are known for their refined taste, making them a favorite among cigar aficionados.

Why Choose Skinny Cigars

  • Convenience: Their small size makes them easy to carry and perfect for a quick smoke.
  • Variety: Skinny cigars come in a range of flavors, allowing you to explore different profiles.
  • Affordability: Generally, skinny cigars are less expensive than their larger counterparts, making them a cost-effective option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do skinny cigars taste different from regular cigars?

Yes, the flavor of skinny cigars can be different from regular cigars. The blend of tobacco, the size, and the wrapper all contribute to the unique taste profile of each cigar.

How long does a skinny cigar last?

The smoking duration of a skinny cigar can vary. A cigarillo may last 10-20 minutes, while a Panatela can offer a smoke time of up to 30-40 minutes.


In conclusion, skinny cigars, whether they’re cigarillos or panatelas, offer a unique smoking experience. They are a testament to the diversity and richness of the cigar world. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious beginner, these slender cigars are a must-try.

So the next time someone asks, “What are the skinny cigars called?“, you’ll be well-equipped to answer. Take a leap into the world of skinny cigars and discover a whole new dimension of smoking pleasure.

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