Why did mobsters smoke cigars?


Discover why mobsters were known for their love of cigars and the reasons behind their preference for this luxurious habit. Explore the history, symbolism, and allure of cigars in the world of organized crime.

Why did mobsters smoke cigars? | Cigar Sniper

Why did mobsters smoke cigars?

When we think of mobsters, one of the first images that come to mind is a well-dressed individual with a cigar in hand. But why did mobsters have such a strong affinity for cigars? What was it about this luxurious habit that made it so appealing to those involved in organized crime?

1. Symbol of Power and Wealth

Cigars have long been associated with power and wealth. In the world of organized crime, mobsters used cigars as a symbol of their status and influence. Smoking a cigar was a way for them to showcase their success and assert their dominance.

By smoking a cigar, a mobster was sending a message to both their allies and their enemies. It conveyed a sense of power and control, reinforcing their position as a force to be reckoned with. In a world where appearances mattered, cigars became an essential prop in maintaining their image.

2. Networking and Bonding

Cigars played a crucial role in the networking and bonding among mobsters. Smoking a cigar was a social activity that brought people together, creating an opportunity for mobsters to build connections and strengthen relationships.

Whether it was in a smoky backroom or a luxurious cigar lounge, mobsters would gather to discuss business, share information, and make deals. The act of passing around cigars became a ritual, a way to establish camaraderie and trust among fellow mobsters.

3. Distinctive Aroma and Image

The distinctive aroma and image associated with cigars added to their allure for mobsters. The rich and smoky scent of a lit cigar created an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery, further enhancing the mobster’s image as a powerful and enigmatic figure.

Additionally, the act of smoking a cigar required a certain level of sophistication and savoir-faire. It was a statement of style and elegance that set mobsters apart from the average person. The cigar became a signature accessory, a symbol of their unique persona.

4. Stress Relief and Relaxation

Dealing with the pressures and dangers of a life of crime can be incredibly stressful. Mobsters turned to cigars as a way to find temporary relief and relaxation in the midst of their chaotic and high-stakes world.

The act of smoking a cigar allowed them to slow down, take a moment to themselves, and savor the flavors and aromas of the tobacco. It became a form of self-indulgence, a way to escape from the constant stress and tension that accompanied their lifestyle.

5. Tradition and History

Cigars have a long history and tradition, and mobsters were drawn to the sense of heritage and nostalgia that came with smoking them. Many mobsters grew up in neighborhoods where cigar smoking was a common practice, and it became a part of their cultural identity.

Smoking cigars was also a way for mobsters to connect with their predecessors. They saw themselves as carrying on a tradition that had been passed down through generations, linking them to the legendary figures of the past.

6. Exclusivity and Luxury

Cigars are often associated with luxury and exclusivity. The high price and limited availability of premium cigars made them desirable to mobsters who appreciated the finer things in life.

By smoking expensive and rare cigars, mobsters were able to indulge in the trappings of wealth and privilege. It was a way for them to flaunt their success and enjoy the finer pleasures that money could buy.


The love of cigars among mobsters was not just a matter of personal preference. It was a deliberate choice that served multiple purposes. From symbolizing power and wealth to facilitating networking and relaxation, cigars played a significant role in the world of organized crime.

So the next time you see a mobster in a movie lighting up a cigar, remember that there’s more to it than just a prop. It’s a symbol of their status, a tool for building connections, and a momentary escape from the complexities of their dangerous lives.

Key Takeaways

  • Cigars were a symbol of power and wealth for mobsters.
  • Smoking cigars facilitated networking and bonding among mobsters.
  • The distinctive aroma and image of cigars added to their allure.
  • Cigars provided stress relief and relaxation for mobsters.
  • Tradition, history, and exclusivity were factors that attracted mobsters to cigars.


Why did mobsters always have cigars?

Mobsters always had cigars as a symbol of power and wealth, as well as for networking and bonding with their peers.

Did all mobsters smoke cigars?

While not all mobsters smoked cigars, it was a common practice among those in organized crime due to the symbolism and allure associated with cigars.

Did mobsters only smoke expensive cigars?

Mobsters often smoked expensive and rare cigars to showcase their wealth and indulge in luxury. However, not all mobsters exclusively smoked high-end cigars.

Did cigars play a role in mobster movies?

Cigars have been prominently featured in mobster movies, as they are closely associated with the image and persona of mobsters.

Are cigars still popular among mobsters today?

While the popularity of cigars among mobsters may have diminished over time, the symbolism and allure of cigars in the world of organized crime still hold significance.

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