Can you put blunts in a humidor?


Wondering if you can store blunts in a humidor? Find out everything you need to know about using a humidor for blunts in this comprehensive guide.

Can You Put Blunts in a Humidor? | A Comprehensive Guide

Can You Put Blunts in a Humidor? A Comprehensive Guide

As a cigar enthusiast, you may already know that a humidor is an essential tool for preserving the quality and freshness of your cigars. But what about blunts? Can you store blunts in a humidor for optimal freshness and enjoyment? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore whether or not a humidor is suitable for storing blunts, and provide you with all the information you need to maintain your blunts in the best possible condition.

Why Use a Humidor for Blunts?

A humidor is designed to maintain the perfect environment for storing cigars, with the ideal temperature and humidity levels. This controlled environment helps to prevent the cigars from drying out or becoming overly moist, which can negatively affect their flavor and burn. The same principles apply to blunts, which are essentially cigars filled with marijuana. By using a humidor for blunts, you can ensure that they stay fresh and retain their quality for a longer period of time.

Blunts, like cigars, are susceptible to moisture and temperature fluctuations. If they are exposed to extreme heat or cold, they can become brittle or even moldy. By storing your blunts in a humidor, you can protect them from these external factors and maintain their freshness and potency.

How Does a Humidor Work?

A humidor works by creating a controlled environment that mimics the conditions of a tobacco plantation, where cigars are traditionally cured and stored. It consists of three main components:

  1. Humidification System: This system is responsible for maintaining the humidity levels inside the humidor. It typically includes a water reservoir or humidifier that releases moisture into the air, keeping it at the desired level.
  2. Temperature Control: While temperature control is not as crucial as humidity control, it still plays a role in maintaining the overall quality of the cigars. Most humidors are designed to keep the temperature within a specific range, usually between 65°F and 72°F (18°C and 22°C).
  3. Seal: A humidor is designed to create an airtight seal, preventing any outside air from entering and affecting the internal environment. This seal helps to maintain a consistent humidity level and prevents the cigars from drying out or becoming too moist.

By maintaining the ideal humidity and temperature levels, a humidor ensures that your blunts, like cigars, stay fresh and flavorful for an extended period of time.

Storing Blunts in a Humidor

When it comes to storing blunts in a humidor, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Prepare the Humidor

Before storing your blunts in a humidor, it’s important to prepare the humidor properly:

  • Season the Humidor: If your humidor is brand new, it’s essential to season it before use. This process involves adding moisture to the humidor’s wood to ensure it reaches the appropriate humidity level. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for seasoning your humidor.
  • Monitor the Humidity: Once your humidor is seasoned, you’ll need to monitor the humidity levels regularly. Use a hygrometer to ensure the humidity stays within the recommended range (usually between 65% and 75%).

2. Use a Separate Compartment

It’s advisable to use a separate compartment within the humidor to store your blunts. This helps to prevent any cross-contamination of flavors between cigars and blunts. You can use a small Tupperware container or a cigar tube to keep your blunts separate from your cigars.

3. Avoid Overcrowding

Ensure that you don’t overcrowd your humidor. Leave enough space between the blunts to allow for proper air circulation, which is essential for maintaining the ideal humidity levels.

Maintaining Blunts in a Humidor

Once you’ve stored your blunts in a humidor, it’s important to maintain them properly to ensure their freshness and quality. Here are some tips:

1. Check the Humidity Regularly

Monitor the humidity levels in your humidor regularly using a hygrometer. If the humidity drops below the recommended range, add distilled water to the humidification system or use a humidification device to maintain the proper moisture levels.

2. Rotate the Blunts

To ensure even distribution of moisture and prevent any areas from drying out, rotate your blunts within the humidor every few weeks.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Keep your humidor away from direct sunlight, as this can cause temperature fluctuations and potentially damage your blunts.

4. Don’t Mix Different Flavors

If you store blunts with different flavors in the same humidor, the flavors can mix and affect the taste of your blunts. It’s best to keep different flavors separate to maintain their individual characteristics.


Can I store blunts and cigars together in a humidor?

While it is possible to store blunts and cigars together in a humidor, it’s generally recommended to keep them separate to avoid flavor cross-contamination. If you do choose to store them together, make sure to use separate compartments or containers to keep the flavors distinct.

Can I use a humidor for pre-rolled blunts?

Yes, you can use a humidor to store pre-rolled blunts. Follow the same guidelines for storing blunts in a humidor, ensuring proper humidity and temperature control.

How long can blunts stay fresh in a humidor?

The freshness of blunts stored in a humidor can vary depending on factors such as humidity levels, temperature, and the quality of the blunts themselves. However, when stored correctly, blunts can stay fresh for several months to a year.


Storing blunts in a humidor is a great way to maintain their freshness and quality. By creating the ideal environment for your blunts, you can ensure that they stay flavorful and potent for an extended period of time. Remember to properly prepare and maintain your humidor, and store your blunts separately from cigars to preserve their individual flavors. With the right care and attention, you can enjoy your blunts at their best whenever you’re ready to indulge.

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