Do you need ID to order cigars?


Do you need ID to order cigars? Find out the age verification requirements for purchasing cigars online in the US.

Do you need ID to order cigars?

Do you need ID to order cigars?

As a cigar enthusiast, you may be wondering if you need to provide identification when ordering cigars online. The answer to this question may vary depending on several factors, including your location and the specific laws and regulations in your country or state.

Age verification for purchasing cigars online

In the United States, the legal age to purchase and consume tobacco products, including cigars, is 21 years old. This age restriction applies to both online and in-person purchases. Therefore, if you are under the age of 21, you will not be able to order cigars legally.

When you buy cigars online, reputable retailers will have age verification processes in place. These processes are designed to ensure that only individuals of legal age can purchase tobacco products. Age verification may require you to provide a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, to confirm your age.

The online cigar retailer will typically ask for your date of birth during the ordering process. Some websites may also require you to upload a scanned copy or photo of your ID for verification purposes. This additional step helps prevent underage individuals from accessing and purchasing tobacco products.

The importance of age restrictions

Age restrictions for purchasing cigars and other tobacco products are in place to protect public health and prevent underage smoking. The use of tobacco products at a young age can have serious health consequences and increase the risk of addiction.

By enforcing age restrictions, governments and regulatory bodies aim to discourage young individuals from starting to smoke and reduce the prevalence of tobacco-related illnesses. These measures also help to ensure that tobacco products are consumed responsibly by adults who are fully aware of the risks and consequences.

Buying cigars online responsibly

When purchasing cigars online, it is important to follow the proper procedures and abide by the age restrictions in your area. Here are some tips to help you buy cigars responsibly:

  • Only purchase cigars if you are of legal age in your country or state.
  • Ensure that the online retailer you are buying from has a robust age verification process.
  • Provide accurate and truthful information during the ordering process.
  • Keep your identification documents handy in case they are required for age verification.
  • Do not attempt to purchase cigars for someone who is underage.


Do I need to show ID when buying cigars in-person?

Yes, in many countries and states, you will need to show ID when purchasing cigars in-person. This is to ensure that you are of legal age to buy tobacco products.

What happens if I provide false information during the age verification process?

Providing false information during the age verification process is illegal and can result in serious consequences. It is important to provide accurate and truthful information to comply with the law and purchase cigars responsibly.

Can I order cigars online if I am outside of the United States?

The age verification requirements for ordering cigars online may vary in different countries. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations regarding tobacco sales and age restrictions in your specific location.


When ordering cigars online, it is crucial to comply with the age verification requirements and provide accurate information to ensure a responsible purchase. Age restrictions for purchasing cigars are in place to protect public health and prevent underage smoking. By adhering to these regulations, you can enjoy your cigars responsibly and contribute to a safer and healthier society.

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