How do you puff a cigar?


Learn how to properly puff a cigar and enhance your smoking experience. Discover the techniques and tips to enjoy the flavors and aromas to the fullest.

How do you puff a cigar?

How do you puff a cigar?

Smoking a cigar is more than just lighting it up and taking a puff. It’s an experience that involves savoring the flavors, aromas, and the craftsmanship of the cigar itself. But if you’re new to cigar smoking, you might be wondering how to properly puff a cigar to fully enjoy its nuances. In this article, we’ll guide you through the techniques and tips to enhance your cigar smoking experience.

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Puffing Technique

The way you puff a cigar can greatly affect the flavors and overall experience. Here are some tips to help you master the perfect puff:

1. Don’t Inhale

Unlike cigarettes, cigars are not meant to be inhaled. Instead, draw the smoke into your mouth and savor the flavors before gently exhaling.

2. Slow and Steady

Take slow and steady puffs to allow the smoke to roll over your taste buds, capturing all the nuanced flavors. Rushing through a cigar can lead to a less enjoyable experience.

3. Rotate the Cigar

Rotate the cigar between your fingers as you puff to ensure an even burn. This will also prevent the cigar from going out prematurely.

4. Avoid Over Puffing

Over puffing can cause the cigar to become too hot, resulting in a harsh taste. Take your time and enjoy the cigar at a relaxed pace.

Exploring Flavors

Cigars come in a wide range of flavors, from mild and creamy to bold and spicy. To fully appreciate the flavors, follow these steps:

1. Cleanse Your Palate

Before you start smoking, cleanse your palate by drinking water or a non-alcoholic beverage. This will help you better detect the subtle flavors of the cigar.

2. Take Note of the Wrapper

The wrapper of a cigar contributes to its flavor profile. Take note of the color, texture, and aroma of the wrapper before lighting up.

3. Take Small Tasting Puffs

When you first light the cigar, take small tasting puffs to identify the initial flavors. Pay attention to any sweetness, spiciness, or earthiness.

4. Savor and Reflect

As you continue to smoke, savor each puff and reflect on the flavors you’re experiencing. Notice any changes in flavor as the cigar progresses.

Appreciating Aromas

The aroma of a cigar is an integral part of the smoking experience. Here’s how to fully appreciate the aromas:

1. Smell the Foot

Before lighting the cigar, give the foot (the end you light) a gentle sniff. This will give you a preview of the aromas you can expect.

2. Waft the Smoke

After lighting, gently waft the smoke towards your nose to inhale the aromas. Close your eyes and let the scents transport you into the world of the cigar.

3. Pay Attention to the Room Note

The room note refers to the residual scent left in the air after smoking a cigar. Take note of the lingering aroma and how it adds to your overall experience.

Cigar Smoking Tips

Here are some additional tips to enhance your cigar smoking experience:

  • Choose a cigar suited to your taste preferences and experience level.
  • Store your cigars in a humidor to maintain their freshness and prevent them from drying out.
  • Pair your cigar with a complementary beverage, such as a whiskey or coffee, to enhance the flavors.
  • Take your time and enjoy the moment. Cigar smoking is meant to be a leisurely activity.


Why do you only smoke a cigar halfway?

Smoking a cigar halfway is a common practice among cigar enthusiasts. It helps prevent the cigar from becoming too hot and developing a bitter taste. It also allows you to savor the flavors and aromas without overwhelming your palate. Learn more about why you only smoke a cigar halfway.

Can you relight a cigar?

Yes, you can relight a cigar if it goes out. Simply remove the ash, gently blow on the foot to ignite the embers, and continue smoking. However, keep in mind that relighting a cigar may affect the flavors and can sometimes result in a harsh taste.

Do you inhale cigar smoke?

No, cigar smoke is not meant to be inhaled. Inhaling cigar smoke can cause discomfort and may result in nicotine overdose. Instead, savor the flavors by drawing the smoke into your mouth and exhaling gently.

How do you cut a cigar?

There are various methods to cut a cigar, including using a guillotine cutter, punch cutter, or V-cutter. The key is to make a clean and precise cut to ensure a smooth draw. It’s best to use a dedicated cigar cutter for the job.

What is a humidor?

A humidor is a specially designed container used to store cigars at the optimal humidity level. It helps maintain the freshness and flavor of the cigars, preventing them from drying out. Humidors typically contain a humidification device, such as a humidifier or gel, to regulate the humidity inside.


Puffing a cigar is an art that requires technique, patience, and an appreciation for the flavors and aromas. By mastering the puffing technique, exploring different flavors, and appreciating the aromas, you can enhance your cigar smoking experience. Remember to take your time, savor each puff, and enjoy the journey.

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