What is the most difficult cigar to roll?


Learn about the art of cigar rolling and discover which cigar is the most difficult to roll.

What is the Most Difficult Cigar to Roll?


Cigar rolling is an ancient art, a blend of skill, patience, and tradition. But what is the most difficult cigar to roll? This question piques the curiosity of cigar aficionados and casual smokers alike.

  • The Art of Cigar Rolling
  • The Most Difficult Cigar to Roll
  • Why is it so Difficult?
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The Art of Cigar Rolling

Cigar rolling, or ‘el torcedor’, is a craft passed down through generations. Each cigar is a masterpiece, created with meticulous care and precision. The process involves selecting the finest tobacco leaves, carefully fermenting and aging them, before rolling them into a cigar.

Selecting the Tobacco

Quality cigars start with top-notch tobacco. The leaves are hand-picked, sorted by size and color, and then aired out to remove any residual moisture.

Fermentation and Aging

The leaves are then fermented, a process which can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. After fermentation, the leaves are aged, which allows the flavors to mature and blend together.

Rolling the Cigar

The final step is the actual rolling of the cigar. This requires immense skill and experience, as each cigar must be rolled to the perfect size and shape.

The Most Difficult Cigar to Roll

Among all the varieties, the Diadema cigar is often referred to as the most difficult cigar to roll.

Diadema Cigars

Diadema cigars are notable for their unique shape – they taper at both ends, with a bulge in the middle. This unconventional shape makes them particularly challenging to roll.

Why is it so Difficult?

There are several factors that make the Diadema cigar such a challenge to roll:

Shape and Size

The unique shape of the Diadema requires a very precise hand-rolling technique. Additionally, Diademas are usually larger than other cigars, adding an extra layer of difficulty.

Blend of Tobacco

Diadema cigars typically use a blend of different tobaccos. This necessitates a deep understanding of the characteristics of each tobacco type and the skill to blend them together seamlessly.


The wrapping of the Diadema is another complex task. The wrapper leaf must be applied perfectly to maintain the shape and ensure an even burn.

Key Takeaways

  • Cigar rolling is a complex art, requiring skill, patience, and a deep understanding of tobacco.
  • The Diadema cigar is widely considered the most difficult cigar to roll, due to its unique shape, size, and the blend of tobaccos used.


What is the easiest cigar to roll?

The easiest cigar to roll is typically a straight-sided cigar, such as a Parejo.

How long does it take to learn to roll a cigar?

It can take several years of practice to become proficient at rolling cigars.


While all cigars require a certain level of skill to roll, the Diadema stands out as the most difficult. The unique shape, size, and blend of tobaccos make it a true challenge, even for experienced cigar rollers. This complexity only adds to the allure of the Diadema, making it a prized possession for cigar enthusiasts.

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